Craving Some Camouflage


Hey guys! For ages I’ve had an idea in my head to do some camouflage nail art, and I’ve finally gotten around to it! I even bought a load of khaki/grey/brown Rimmel polishes a while back with the plan of using them for this design. See my Rimmel Swatches here.

Punky Purple Water Marble


This is only my second attempt at a water marble, but I love it! Whereas with my first water marble attempt, I just swirled the pattern randomly and hoped for a nice effect, I did try and swirl a pattern more consciously this time. I’m not saying it worked with every nail, but I definitely […]

Watermelon Nail Art


Morning all! The weather’s horrible in England today – we’re getting buffeted by the after effects of ex-Hurricane Bertha meaning lots of rain, strong wind, dark skies and just general miserable weather! I’ve decided I’m definitely not leaving the house with it like that, so I’m taking a much needed PJ day and using to […]

Jelly Sandwich Nails

This is a style I had really admired on other people’s nails but unfortunately I hadn’t had any jelly/really sheer nail varnishes to try the design out. The idea is simple – a coat of jelly nail polish, topped with a small design, then covered in another coat of jelly polish – essentially ‘sandwiching’ the […]

Water Marble Effect Nails

This was such a fun manicure to do, but SO MESSY! If you can’t handle getting quite messy with your mani, I’d give this technique a miss. You can see in the pictures, even after taping all around my nails, and attempting some cuticle clean up afterwards, there is a lot of mess still on […]

Spongey Manicures

One great way to get an easy but effective look with your manicure is to use a sponge! Yup, that’s right, you heard me – A SPONGE! To those of you that follow a lot of nail art blogs etc already, this will be no news to you, but to those of you that are […]

My First Stamping Adventure!

Hey guys! So, in a follow up to this post, I’ve got some pictures to share with you all! So I think I may have been a bit naive with how quickly I thought I’d be able to pick up the skill of this whole stamping business, I mean – in theory, it all looks quite simple! […]