Craving Some Camouflage

Hey guys!

For ages I’ve had an idea in my head to do some camouflage nail art, and I’ve finally gotten around to it! I even bought a load of khaki/grey/brown Rimmel polishes a while back with the plan of using them for this design. See my Rimmel Swatches here.


I didn’t use any special nail art technique to create this look – I used a large dotting tool to just dot and drag drops of polish around my nail.


I started with a base of two coats of Rimmel Lycra Pro Sage Green – as I’ve found with all other Rimmel Lycra Pros, this formula is aahhhmazing! Such a pleasure to work with, easy to put on (thanks to it’s brilliant maxi brush) and a good drying time.


I then followed with ‘splodges’ of Rimmel Lasting Finish Wedge of Lime, Barry M Mushroom and finally Rimmel 60 Seconds Captain Khaki.



And a final photo with flash (the rest were in natural light) just to show the pop of those individual colours! The key with this nail art is to make sure the colours overlap whilst still trying to maintain an equal covering of each colour.

I’m actually really happy with the way this nail art turned out for once! I had an idea in my head, chose my colours and it actually transferred very well to my nails. Win! I can so see myself repeating this mani in the future to go with an army themed fancy dress outfit maybe?! And also, seeing how well this extremely easy nail art technique worked, I’d love to do this with other colours! I have loads of pinks, and can see a gorgeous idea forming in my mind…

Well, you can tell I love it, can’t you?! But what do you think? Have you tried camouflage nail art before, or seen it done in a better technique? Please comment below and let me know!

Laura x

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