Poinsettia-Style Nail Art

Hey guys!

I know poinsettia’s are Christmas-y flowers, but this wasn’t exactly a planned nail art (none of mine seem to be well planned or anything lately!) and it just happens to be that it ended up looking like a poinsettia…


I was actually planning on just leaving the pretty base colour for a plain manicure, but I’d recently received my new nail art pens from Bundle Monster (not impressed, long story!) and wanted to doodle a bit and see how they performed! Here’s what I ended up with:


pink-poinsettia-nail-art-pen-manicure-3 pink-poinsettia-nail-art-pen-manicure-4 pink-poinsettia-nail-art-pen-manicure-1

The base was Barry M Superdrug LE Promenade and, as mentioned, the poinsettia was created using Bundle Monster Shake Pump and Create Nail Art pens in white, gold, red and green.

I was fully expecting to just remove this manicure after I’d finished playing with the pens, but I actually really like the design and the way it worked out! The colours clash, obviously, but I still like the look and really enjoyed this manicure.

What do you think?

Laura x

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