My First Stamping Adventure!

Hey guys! So, in a follow up to this post, I’ve got some pictures to share with you all!

So I think I may have been a bit naive with how quickly I thought I’d be able to pick up the skill of this whole stamping business, I mean – in theory, it all looks quite simple! I’m not going to give you a step-by-step walkthrough with this as I am clearly no expert. Any search for ‘nail art stamping technique’ should give you a good idea of what the process is.

I genuinely thought, ohhh maybe a couple of nails (one or two!) in, I’d be comfortable with the amount of pressure, polish etc I’d need to get a good look. Um, wrong! Here are the pics of my first attempt:



I didn’t attempt any clean up AT ALL with these, as you can clearly see, as they were coming straight off! Just a complete fail. Normally, I wouldn’t even dare to take photographs of such horrendous nails – but I figure there’s a lot of us out there who try this so called ‘easy’ technique the first couple of times, come out with something looking like a toddler’s doodle and wonder what the hell we’re doing wrong. Not much, I think.

I really think that this particular technique is just going to take a lot of practise and trial and error to get the hang of it. One of the main issues for me is definitely polishes so far – I know a lot of people buy the ‘special’ stamping polishes which have a much thicker, more opaque formula and therefore stick to the stamps better. After reading around online, I decided to give a few of the polishes I already own a go – as surely, with a collection like mine, one or two has to work?! They did, but you really do have to go for one with quite a thick, sticky formula. Perhaps one that’s been open a while, or a polish designed to coat your nails in just one coat.

Anyway, after removing that first major fail. I picked a different stamping plate and gave it another go.


Sorry for the red tint here! This was more to show the print/design than the colours.


20140522_210639 (1)

I used Barry M Limited Edition Lilac Foil over a nude nail base, almost like a negative space manicure. My main reasons for choosing this colour combo was 1) I really couldn’t face removing another couple of layers of polish after the last fail if it happened again and 2) I remembered reading somewhere that chrome/foil polishes are good for stamping.

A much better result this time round! I’m really looking forward to trying out some more designs with my next manicure – it’s a Bank Holiday weekend so plenty of time to play around with them!

These are the stamping plates I used, both from Cheeky:

20140522_212630 (1) 20140522_212653


Sorry for the terrible pictures, but I left this till way too late in the evening yesterday to use natural light, so both pictures have the horrible reflection of my giant hands in them! But you get the idea.

I hope me sharing my epic fails have encouraged some of you to keep going – I most certainly am not giving up just yet! Let me know what you think!

Laura x

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