Watermelon Nail Art

Morning all! The weather’s horrible in England today – we’re getting buffeted by the after effects of ex-Hurricane Bertha meaning lots of rain, strong wind, dark skies and just general miserable weather! I’ve decided I’m definitely not leaving the house with it like that, so I’m taking a much needed PJ day and using to catch up on blogging and nail painting! I’ve got plenty of pictures and posts to get writing for you so hopefully I’ll be posting with more regularity.

I love this nail art! I actually failed to take more than two photos (and they’re both the same pose, just different lighting!) woops! Sorry guys. But I think the photos I did get capture the look I was going for.


Oooh shiny! I really managed to capture some of the amazing shine that the Essie Good to Go top coat gives your finished manicure. I love it! But here we are, my watermelon nail art.

I started with a base of two coats of Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Coconut. I then sponged on two colours – Rimmel Lasting Finish Orange Your Life and Rimmel Lasting Finish Wedge of Lime. I used my Barry M Black Nail Art Pen to add the pips, slicked on some of my aforementioned Essie Good to Go top coat and voila!


As you can see, my sponging (ombre) isn’t perfect or very neat, but I think it works with this nail art! It’s a bit of a relaxed, abstract watermelon nail art I think!

What do you think of it? Should I try some more fruit nail art soon?

Laura x


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