Spongey Manicures

One great way to get an easy but effective look with your manicure is to use a sponge! Yup, that’s right, you heard me – A SPONGE! To those of you that follow a lot of nail art blogs etc already, this will be no news to you, but to those of you that are sort of staring at your screen with a bit of a weird look on your face – bare with!

Sponges are actually a great way to create an even gradient on your nails, using 2 or more colours. You can use just a plain kitchen sponge (I am using these atm, but beware as they can leave dark green dots/debris from the scouring side!) or for a cleaner look, try a make up sponge. Both of these can be found really cheaply at pound shops etc.

My first foray into spongey manicures was my ‘Tequila Sunrise’ nails:

Yellow and Orange Sponge Effect

Um yeah… So as you can see, this is a bit of a messy technique! I hadn’t done any clean up here and this was back in the days where I only took a picture good enough to actually show what was on my nails – thoroughly unaware of the differences different lights/angles/focuses can make! But you get the idea anyway – an orange base, with a bright yellow sponged onto the tips. To get a more concentrated or gradual colour, wait for each layer of  sponged colour to dry and add a bit more! This manicure reminded me instantly of  the popular cocktail, a tequila sunrise!

Tequila Sunrise

I recently tried a new design with a sponge, hence today’s post. This look was a LOT more subtle, and proof that this technique can be used to create all kinds of designs.



This was actually a really hard manicure to photograph because of the subtlety of the colours! I used Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream (pale baby pink) and Sinful Colors You Just Wait (pearlescent baby pink). This really held it’s own in natural light (as pictured above) but my camera just did not want to pick the full effect up!


This was also my first manicure using my new Essie Matte About You (a matte top coat) and I LOVE IT! I was a bit worried about the matte effect over the pearlescent pink, but I think it works! If anything, it even adds a different dimension to the shimmer.

Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post! I’m off to try more of my stamping plates today – I’ll keep you updated! Have you ever tried a spongey manicure? What colour combos have you used?

Laura x

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