Jelly Sandwich Nails

This is a style I had really admired on other people’s nails but unfortunately I hadn’t had any jelly/really sheer nail varnishes to try the design out. The idea is simple – a coat of jelly nail polish, topped with a small design, then covered in another coat of jelly polish – essentially ‘sandwiching’ the design between the layers of polish. Here’s my first attempt:



I used the following stamp to put white flowers (Barry M White) between layers of Nails Inc Royal Ascot (Juicy Cherry):




A great summery, floral look that’s actually quite subtle – I think if the flowers were just stamped over the jelly and left in the foreground it could have been quite an overpowering pattern.


I actually did two ‘layers of sandwich’ – one coat jelly, one layer of stamping, another coat of jelly, another layer of stamping and then a final coat of jelly. As you can see this means that some of the flowers are even more in the ‘background’ of the manicure, creating quite a 3D look!

I hope you’ve enjoyed, let me know what you think!

Laura x

P.S.: I’m on holiday in Greece at the moment, so I might be a bit slow in replying to comments, please still feel free to leave me one though! I reply to everyone, so will get back to you as soon as I can!

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