Autumnal Colours! + New Brushes

Hey guys!

Sorry for the little gap – I’ve been working SO much lately and I am exhausted! I have a stress-triggered stomach condition and the amount of hours I’ve been doing has set it off into a flare-up so any time off work has been spent relaxing rather than writing posts, sorry! In three weeks my working hours will drastically reduce from 50+ to around 12ish so it’ll be a huge relief, and I’ll have plenty of time for nail-painting and nail-blogging… YAY!

Anyway – to today’s nail art! I’ve been craving Autumn ever since we hit September, but the weather seems to be doing a U-Turn and it’s SO hot again here in the UK! So humid, foggy, hot and hazy! Whilst I love the sun, I am ready for the chill in the air, bulky jumpers, cardis and all the lovely, nostalgic comforting things that come with Autumn! So I vented my Autumn frustrations in this mani.



I used my new fan brush (picture of my new brushes at the end of the post!) to create this sort of messy, ‘spun sugar’ look.


I’m actually in love with this look! When I first finished it, I really was not keen at all! I was convinced it was a failure and looked disgusting. But it’s grown on me completely! It sort of reminds me of caramel and the mix of colours of the falling leaves!


I used Barry M Mushroom as the base, then ‘fanned’ on OPI Alpine Snow, Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Mango and OPI A Woman’s Prague-ative.

I know I’ve mentioned in a few of my previous posts that I had ordered a set of nail art brushes, and they’ve finally arrived! These were really cheap, less than £2 on Amazon hence why I had a bit of wait for them to arrive, but I’ve yet to have a bad experience with them so the price doesn’t really seem to effect the quality!

Here they are:

2014-09-09 20.02.54

Sorry for the terrible quality picture – I hadn’t actually planned to put this up, but wanted to show you what I meant when I said ‘fan brush’ as I don’t know if that’s it’s actual technical name?! It’s the white topped brush, 6th in from the left. I just blobbed a dot of polish on the back of my hand (I know I shouldn’t use my skin as a polish palette!) and dab the very tips of the brush in the polish, then drag along my nails!

I’m SO glad to have these brushes in my life now! I’ve already used them a few times and have plenty of plans for the future.

So guys, two questions – how on earth do you clean your nail art brushes properly after using nail polish on them?! I can’t seem to get mine really clean again! And is it worth getting acrylic paints for nail art? I’ve just been using nail polish, but I can’t help wondering if all you other nail artists are onto something with the acrylic paints!

Phew, sorry for another word-heavy post! Just excited to have some spare time to get some posts up! I’ll write a couple now and set them to publish throughout the week for you so I’m not neglecting you guys while I’m at work!

If you made it to the end of this post, well done and thanks so much! Please leave me a comment if you feel like it, I love feedback!

Laura x

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