Pastel Ombre Leopard Print!

Hey guys!

Here’s another of my failed ombres (am I seriously the only person who can’t do ombres?!) for you to point and laugh at. I need ombre help, ASAP! Going to watch as many YouTube video tutorials as possible. 


I’ve seen this particular style (simple leopard print over a pastel-y ombre base) around a lot, so I’ve not got any particular links for you in terms of inspiration.


Polishes used were OPI Alpine Snow (base), Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream, Barry M Cyan Blue and Barry M Matte Espresso. Topped off with Essie Good to Go.


Just seeing how this leopard print has come out, I neeeeed to get September (my polish-buying-banning month) over with so I can buy a new plain, black polish to play with!



What do you think of this? It’s such a simple technique, and fingers crossed when I get my new black, and finally learn to do ombres properly I can make it look a lot better for you!

Laura x


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