Double Challenge Post – GOT and Tri-Polish Tuesdays

Hey guys! Can you tell I’m getting more into challenges now?!

Here I have one entry for two challenges, the Golden Oldie Thursday Challenge and the Tri-Polish Tuesdays Challenge. I know, I know – two different days of the week but I’m posting one entry on one day?! Whatever, just bear with me for this first month while I get my bearings haha! I’m sure I’ll have myself much more organised for next month (and actually cannot wait for next month’s colour combination for Tri-Polish Tuesdays!).



So these are the two challenges I’ve started to take part in. Today’s double challenge post includes the blue, yellow and red scheme of Tri-Polish Tuesdays and the 14th August prompt of ‘white base’ for GOT.


Now, obviously as you can see this manicure’s had some issues! Sad news, but basically my cat has been admitted to the vets today as she’s quite ill – the scuffs on here are the result of me panicking and getting her into her cat carrier, obviously forgetting about freshly painted nails! My cat is my little baby (sad, I know!) so even my manicure was forgotten about!




I’ve decided to post the manicure anyway, as I really like the design I was aiming for, even if I didn’t execute it very well. Note to self, don’t start a new nail art design when you’ve got worrying things on your mind, it won’t end well!


This is probably my best nail in order to get across the design I was going for! I quite like this simplistic, clean look – I’ll definitely be trying it again under less stress and with different colours!

Oh and by the way, this white base was definitely at least one year old (for the GOT challenge) – it’s my Barry M White. It’s got so many issues now, probably mostly due to it’s age, and I really hope this is the last time I ever use it! I have ordered OPI Alpine Snow and fingers crossed it gets delivered soon, this Barry M White is so hard to use now! Frustrating!

What do you think of my first entry to the GOT challenge and the Tri-Polish Tuesday’s challenge?

Follow these links for the other entries to these two challenges:

GOT Polish:

Tri-Polish Tuesdays:


Laura x



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