Random Swatches

I promised my Facebook followers I’d have a new post up yesterday, but surprise surprise it didn’t happen, so here it is today instead!

These are swatches of some of the polishes I showed you guys in my Birthday Haul! post. I haven’t swatched all of them as I haven’t had a chance, but these ones are so pretty I thought why not share what I have for now!

I have to warn you all now (as I know it really grosses some people out…) there are some toe pics in this post! I used Essie Aruba Blue on my toes and it was too gorgeous to not swatch as it is, so I hope no-one is too disgusted haha!

First up – Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Rosehip:


I know the lighting is bad but I was having real issues with it! This is still an accurate depiction of the real colour though – a very pale, pastel dusty pink. A typical Gelly Hi-Shine from Barry  M, it was opaque within two coats but I did have some issues with drying time due to thickness of polish. Nothing a fast-drying top coat couldn’t solve though. I went on to do an ombre on top of this swatch, so look out for that NOTD post coming soon!



Next we have Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Greenberry:


I have no idea why I thought this was a brilliant photo at the time! But here it is anyway, and you get the idea – although the colour overall seems slightly ‘cooler’ in this first picture than in reality, as shown by the picture below. This formula was great – opaque in 2 coats (though I am tempted to say you might be able to make this a ‘one coater’ with a very careful first coat!) and, surprisingly, it dried really fast. I did have some bubbling when it dried, but I think it was because of the heat of the day – any bubbles were smoothed over with Essie Good to Go top coat.



Next is Barry M Superdrug LE Seaside:


Look how pretty it is! I actually love this colour! It’s still on my nails at the moment, although I think I’ve decided it will be better used as an accent in nail art or a block colour for a pedicure – it’s just too pretty and distracting! The formula was really easily applied, and all of these pictures show Seaside with just two coats. Drying time was average, nothing great.


The picture below is my favourite, look how gorgeous it is in the sun!



Here is Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Papaya:


I love this colour! It is a creamy, peachy, corally orange! A great basic colour to have. The formula was average  of Gelly Hi-Shines – applies quite thick and you have to be patient with drying time to get a good finish.




Finally for the finger swatches (that’s right, toe pics coming up next, you’ve been warned!) we have ORLY Melodious Utopia:


I’m not sure if you can really tell from the pictures but I did have an issue with this formula with thickness and drying time, but I think the majority of those problems were me being too eager to get this pretty colour on my nails! I probably rushed this, and therefore the issues were my own fault.




Toe pic time! This is my current favourite polish, Essie Aruba Blue:


Ok, I know the second two toes are a bit messy, but look at that colour! It’s official, I am in love! The polish was so easy to apply – I LOVE Essie’s thick, rounded brush! It dried quite quickly too, which was great. I applied Essie Good to Go and I swear this is the shiniest, glossiest, most beautiful pedicure ever! I keep finding myself staring transfixed at my toes… Love it!




This last one was purposefully blurred to try and show the shimmer… Not sure it if worked, but there you go anyway!

Let me know what you think of these new swatches, which was your favourite?!

Laura x

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