Birthday Haul!

Hey guys – sorry about the lack of posts lately,  I’ve been getting caught up with the real world!

I was lucky enough to receive loads of nail polish and gift cards (which I, of course, used to purchase more nail polish!) so I’m excited to share this birthday haul with you!


The above picture was meant to be all of the polishes I got but I accidentally left out three… Woops! Here you go:


Here we have (left to right): Barry M Limited Edition Superdrug’s 50th Birthday polish,  Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Dragon Fruit and Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Papaya. Funny story (not really), I actually already own Dragon Fruit, and this was one I bought myself with a gift card! Idiot… This will be going back to the shop and hopefully being exchanged for another.


These were from my lovely mum, who is always keen to enable my Barry M addiction as she gets her nails painted pretty colours! Left to right, we have: Barry M Superdrug LE Promenade,  Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Green Berry,  Barry M Superdrug LE Seaside. Love love love all these colours! I’ll have some swatches for you soon!


Left to right: Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Rosehip, Essie Aruba Blue, Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Coconut. This paticular trio is really exciting to me!) – it includes my first ever full size colour from Essie (cannot wait to use this as a block colour for a pedicure!) as well as two Gelly Hi-Shine shades that I’ve seen on lots of other nail blogs and have been deeply envious of!


These are my first ever ORLY polishes, how exciting! Very good choice of present here. I took individual bottle shots of these three as they each have a beautiful glitter to them!


ORLY Melodious Utopia – a bright yellow with tiny shimmery yellow glitter.


ORLY High on Hope – a navy blue with a pinky coral shimmer.


ORLY Sparkling Garbage – a sheer emerald green base with silver and (from what I can tell) bronze glitter.


Finally my (I think) favourite item of this haul – Essie Prep ‘n’ Protect. This includes Essie Grow Stronger Base Coat and Essie Good to Go Top Coat. I’ve already used these multiple times and am in love! My nails already feel stronger and less stained and my manicures seem to have more lasting power with this brilliant, fast drying top coat! Love ’em!

So what do you think of my lucky and brilliant birthday haul?! I’m genuinely so grateful that my friends and family support my addiction to nail polish and have such great taste in it too!

Laura x

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