Friday Fails #1

So I’ve decided to start sharing something ‘special’ with you guys… You know those manicures that pop into your head – the idea looks amazing in your mind, sleek, neat, perfect… And then you attempt to get that idea onto your nails. Fail! I’ve titled this one Friday Fails #1 as I’m sure there will be more to share with you in the future!

This one really disappointed me,  as I was really excited with the idea, and even managed to get a coherent idea of what I wanted on a practise nail! I already know one or two things I did wrong, but bare with me here.





Ok, so please don’t judge too harshly haha! It was meant to be a sleek, angled french manicure with black lines and two rows of black dots, one large row and one small (which you can kind of see  a bit better on this thumb pic).

Mistake No. 1: The base colour I used – Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Lychee. Whilst this is a lovely shade, it wasn’t the right one for this mani! It made it look quite fake, cartoonish and just odd. I would have been better off using a more natural, sheer nude.

Mistake No.2: Not getting in more practise with my nail art stripers before attempting this mani. I needed those black lines to be quite thin, and my lack of experience with stripers really let me down here.

Mistake No.3: Now this one is just stupid… Too much nail polish on dotting tools/not the right sized dotting tools! Duh! I’m not even going to say anything else on this matter.

Mistake No.4: Letting my top coat drag and smear the design. Again, enough said!

So yeah, all around fail here! It’s not really that often when I get one of these mega-fails, but when I do, it annoys the hell out of me!

What’s the worst nail art fail you’ve ever committed?

Laura x


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