Born Pretty Haul #2

I mentioned at the end of my first Born Pretty Haul post that I had already put in a second order… Shopaholic alert!

Here’s what I got:


Nail art sponges  – as you can see I took these for a test run before I got a chance to take a photo! As much as I’ve created cool manicures with just a kitchen sponge, these make up sponges really do create a better gradient and more subtle sponging effect.


Three new stripers! The stripers I bought in my last Born Pretty haul were my first ever, so seeing how well the worked made me NEED  to get a plain black and white! Plus, a little pink as an extra treat – can never have enough pink! These all work well, though the pink did have a crooked brush hair which I had to trim.



And lastly, a nail polish remover pump! I never really thought I needed one of these, but since having it I wouldn’t be without again! It makes it SO much easier to get some remover on your cotton wool without having to constantly tip the bottle etc. and have the worry of spilling it everywhere!

I know this was a much smaller post than the previous Born Pretty haul, but that one was really more of a ‘let’s try out some of their more interesting products’ whereas this was a ‘I really like this shop, lets get some essentials!’ shop. What do you think of what I got?

I’ll be back with more posts soon, promise!

Laura x

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