Stars (or Spots) and Stripes

Hey guys! I’m sorry I’ve not posted in so long, completely unforgivable! I’ve been really busy with work and then my weekends and evenings have been booked up too so I’ve just not had a chance to write or put posts together!

Today’s post is 4th of July inspired – I am not American (a very proud British girl over here!) but I get my mani ideas and inspirations from the pictures I see online, and the internet has been filled with patriotic American style pictures and manicures! So obviously, I was more than tempted to just give it a go. Here was my finished product:





Woo! So as you can see, I went with spots in the end, rather than stars… There is  a reason though! I didn’t just give up on stars completely, I actually tried two star designs and neither seemed to work properly with this mani. The first was white stars stamped over the blue (on the same two nails), but the white just wasn’t showing up vibrant enough compared to the bright white on my striped nails. The second attempt was this:


20140702_225407By the way, apologies for terrible clean up! I was so eager to get pictures to share with you all I obviously overlooked a lot of over spill haha! The second design used these silver star nail art accessories. I’ve definitely mentioned this before – I hate chunky/stand out nail accessories! My job puts quite a lot of pressure on my hands and nails (constantly in and out of water, washing up, cleaning etc) and these babies just pop right off or catch. And that’s exactly what happened with these!


After only a couple of hours at work, I took these straight off and set to work thinking of what other design would work with the three red/white striped nails whilst still keeping it looking like a 4th July inspired manicure… And… Dots! I think they vaguely look similar to the stars on the USA flag, so I’m happy!


I’ve already had compliments on these nails (including a ‘Where did you get them done?’ comment, which I love!) and it’s a fun manicure, so I’ve enjoyed looking at it!

For this mani I used Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Blue Grape, Sinful Colors Big Daddy, a white nail art striper, generic silver star accessories, a dotting tool and my Kensington Caviar Top Coat.

To any American readers out there, Happy 4th of July! And to everyone else, I hope you enjoyed seeing today’s manicure anyway! I’ll definitely be posting more often, I have a couple more hauls to share with you guys!

Laura x



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