Challenge Your Nail Art – Bright Colours + Sunsets

Hi guys!

Today’s nails are actually part of a nail art challenge hosted by a group called Challenge Your Nail Art.  This month there is a three day challenge – June 19th’s prompt is bright colours, sunsets for June 20th and gardens/butterflies for June 21st. This is the first challenge where I’ve actually completed Day 1 on the actual first day…

Here’s my take on bright colours!



A red to yellow gradient/sponging effect with fruit filmos. This was my first attempt at using a filmo accessory and I’m not really too sure… It’s quite clunky and not my usual style (whilst I love textured manicures, I’m not too keen on chunky nail accessories as I mentioned in my Born Pretty Haul.




I used Barry M’s Limited Editi0n summer yellow from 2013 and Sinful Colors Big Daddy.




I think these filmo fruits are supposed to be grapefruit…

As I know I’ll be really busy tomorrow and won’t have a chance to post for Day 2 (sunsets) I’m going to be cheeky and say the colours here sort of represent a sunset too (lazy, I know!) so this is my post for both days 1 and 2 of the challenge! I should be posting on the 21st my entry for the third and final day of the challenge (butterflies/gardens).

What do you think? I managed to ruin one of these nails within 20 minutes of finishing the manicure so I’ll be taking it off in the morning, but I’m not too keen on it anyway, so no love lost!

Check out the other entries for this challenge:

Laura x


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