Rimmel Haul!

Hey guys! Sorry for the silence the past few days – I’ve really not been feeling great since getting back off holiday and just needed to focus on getting through my day job!

A big haul for you today – or big in my mind anyway, I never normally buy this much polish at once!

My first set:





These are the Rimmel Lycra Pros. From left to right we have: Urban Princess, Ultra Violet, Aqua Cool, Peppermint and Sage Green. Awkward truth right here – I already own Ultra Violet! How many nail polishes do you have to own before you accidentally buy the same colour twice?! This will be going to a friend of mine if she doesn’t already have it too!

Next up…



Rimmel Lasting Finish! Left to right: Orange Your Life and Wedge of Lime. I was having issues with lighting for these photos, so the true colours aren’t showing up too well – Orange Your Life is an almost fluorescent red orange and Wedge of Lime is more yellow toned than shown here.

And finally we have…


The Rimmel 60 Seconds. Left to right: Captain Khaki, Too Cool To Tango and Little Bo Peep.

I absolutely adore all of these colours. Quite a few of them I chose with the idea of doing an army camouflage manicure in the near future – the greens, khakis and grey. I’m not sure what technique I’ll be using yet but I’ll try out a few and you’ll be the first to know!

I bought all of these from Fragrance Direct – they sell all their nail polishes really cheaply (including OPI and Essie!) but I think they must be overstocked/unpopular colours as well as the discontinued colours and packaging. It’s all the same to me though, I love these colours and all but the Lasting Finish have the brilliant flat, rounded brushes I love in Rimmels! I’d definitely recommend this website – their stock always seems to be changing so it’s worth taking a look every once in a while!

What do you think of my lovely new colours?!

Laura x

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