NOTD #2 – Vivid Dots

My second nails of the day post is a manicure I did over the weekend, after rather a lot of wine. The result was a cool design, but the execution was a bit messy. I’ve decided just to admit the mistake and show them to you anyway, as I love the sort of bold, vivid […]

An Easier DIY French Manicure

These may be obvious tips to more experienced nail painters, but for a nail novice like me, they were invaluable! I had always admired the sleek lines and professional look of a ‘plain’ French manicure, but every attempt I had made to re-create that look myself had resulted in wonky lines, lumpy nail varnish and a really […]

Introductions and A Bit of History

Hi guys! A post for firsts, I suppose. My first nail-centric blog, my first post on that blog and my first time sharing my nail art efforts with anyone other than Facebook friends! I am by no means an expert in nail polish or nail art, it’s just something I love to do. In fact, […]