Nails Inc Haul!

I received a really exciting delivery yesterday – a package from Nails Inc! I’ve never actually ordered from them before, but they had a 20% off code for the Bank Holiday weekend so I thought I would treat myself! Here’s what I got:

Nails Inc Haul

From left to right: Chelsea Flower Show* (Orange Juicy Sheer), Kensington Caviar Top Coat, Royal Ascot (Cherry Juicy Sheer).

*The Orange Juicy Sheer says ‘Chelsea Flower Show’ on the sticker on the bottom of the bottle, but is listed as ‘Chelsea Park Gardens’ on the Nails Inc website, so not sure what’s going on there!




20140527_185408 (1)


I’ve wanted to buy a full size Kensington Caviar ever since I tried a mini version of it in one of my Nails Inc special effects kits, so I finally splurged and got it! The two juicy sheer polishes were a pure impulse buy, but they are so gorgeous and I don’t own any other jelly/sheer polishes!




Please excuse the terrible state of my nails in these pictures! I was just about to remove my ‘Star Gazing’ manicure! How gorgeous are these colours though?! I wanted to give you a good close up with flash to really give you an idea of the true in-bottle colours. Keep an eye out for these polishes as one will be popping up in a manicure in the near future!

I’ve also swatched each of the juicy sheer polishes for you to show what they’re like on the nail.

First up, Cherry Juicy Sheer (Royal Ascot):





Orange Juicy Sheer (Chelsea Flower Show):





Both polishes are shown with 3 coats and no top coat. As you can see, there is quite a bit of VNL (visible nail line) and any imperfections, such as staining from darker colours, are showing through. BUT! And this is a big but – my nails are in a particularly bad state at the moment anyway, so I think nails in good condition would show these polishes up a lot better.

Also, I was really surprised with these polishes – the formulas were great (though cherry was more pigmented than orange), went on smoothly and dried in relatively good time, but the best thing was – THEY’RE SCENTED!

This excited me so much, mainly because I hadn’t expected it at all – it just adds such a fun element to your manicure to have an extra sensory effect! The fragrances are not exactly ‘as described’ – as in I would have expected cherry and orange scents respectively – but they were definitely fruity, and reminded me of Skittles.

Anyway! That’s enough rambling from me – I hope you’ve like my haul and swatch combo post!

Laura x

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