Star Gazing

My second real attempt at stamping!



As you can see, a couple of the nails are ‘smeared’ – this happened when I applied the top coat, I swear they all looked pretty good before that! I’m guessing I probably could have left my nails to dry a bit longer before applying top coat, but I think the smearing has to do with the thinness of the polish when you stamp. From adding top coat to the remainder of the nails, I found they just needed a much lighter touch! Seriously, just try to glide over them…



This is my right hand – just to prove that you get a pretty similar look with your non-dominant hand too with stamping. There isn’t much precision needed once you have the polish on the rubber stamp, just rolling it onto your nail!



I used Barry M Indigo and Barry M Foil Effects Silver to create a lovely stars in the inky blue night sky design.


Again, apologies for the terrible photo – guess I’m just bad at taking pictures of majorly shiny/reflective thing haha! This was the stamping plate used on this manicure – Obviously, I used the stars on this plate.

Please let me know what you think in the comments – I love hearing from people who read my blog and reply to every comment!

Laura x

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