Exciting Delivery!

I’ve had something exciting delivered today!

Stamping Plates


My first nail art stamping plates! I didn’t even know there were such things as stamping plates, let alone how they were used (my first thoughts – how on earth do you get that tiny design onto your nail from a metal plate?!).

I’m just about to try my first ever stamping design – nails prepped and ready to go! I know most people say it takes a while to get used to how much polish to put on the plates, how long to wait etc etc and amount of pressure to apply, but I’ll give it a go and fingers crossed I can post again tomorrow to let you know how it goes! I’m hoping to do a little tutorial/tips post to help out anyone else who sees the terms ‘stamping plates’ or ‘nail art stamping’ and wonders what the hell people are talking about.

Wish me luck.

Laura x


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