NOTD #3 – Curvy Pinks

Morning all!

Today’s nails are some beautifully simple pink curves. I applied two coats of Barry M’s Flamingo pink, then using a stroke from mid-nail to the top edge, I layered on a pink glitter – also Barry M, Mediterranean from their Aquarium collection – in three ‘heights’.



I’d seen this style of manicure around a lot, but always assumed it’d be difficult because it’s basically just freehand – boy was I wrong! This was surprisingly easy, even using my non-dominant hand. I’ve included pics from both hands just to prove that there’s not much difference in execution.





A lovely, pretty manicure! I would have loved a bit more length to play with with this style, but unfortunately I’ve had to cut all of my nails down again! I’m having a real issue with peeling/brittle nails at the moment, and I’m not happy. Gave my hands and nails a good soak and a dousing of oil before this manicure in the hopes of setting them on the right path for good growth again. I’m going to keep them this short for now and hope that eventually I outgrow all of the breakages, peeling and discolouration.

Just a close up, and to show the complete lack of length I've got at the moment!

Just a close up, and to show the complete lack of length I’ve got at the moment!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this NOTD post, let me know what you think in the comments!

Laura x


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