Nails of the Day: NOTD #1

As often as I’m able to, when I’ve done a manicure on my nails that I don’t think warrants a ‘special’ post or a tutorial, I’ll share them as a NOTD post!

Today’s NOTD are these lovely matte black nails with glossy polka dots.





This design is so hard to capture! I’m not the worlds best photographer as it is, but I think it’s the black that makes it hard for the camera to pick it up. I took a whole load of photos to try and capture it, so I’ll just spam you with all of them in the hope you get the idea.



I used a large dotting tool to dot a clear coat polish, as evenly spaced as possible, on top of my matte black base.






I love the 3D look the gloss dots on a matte base creates. These are the perfect nails for tonight’s night out – it’s a friend’s 20th birthday celebrations and I’m wearing a striped monochrome dress. The dots would clash, but this ‘black on black’ look is perfect, regardless of the war of the patterns!

I hope you enjoyed my first NOTD! I’ll keep you updated with these as often as possible.

Laura x



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