An Easier DIY French Manicure

These may be obvious tips to more experienced nail painters, but for a nail novice like me, they were invaluable! I had always admired the sleek lines and professional look of a ‘plain’ French manicure, but every attempt I had made to re-create that look myself had resulted in wonky lines, lumpy nail varnish and a really harsh, block-y look. With a bit of frustration and some experimenting, I came up with the following formula to get a near-perfect looking Frenchie.

What you’ll need: Your usual manicure materials (moisturiser, file, buffer etc.), your favourite base coat, a nude or pink polish, a white polish and a top coat.

Step 1: Complete your normal nail preparation routine – for me, this is filing, moisturising, buffing and then pushing my cuticles back.

Step 2: Apply a good base coat to smooth out any bumps or ridges – if you want that sleek look, you’ll want as smooth and ‘perfect’ looking a base as possible. Any imperfections will show up.

Step 3: Paint on two layers of a nude/pink polish. Personally, I choose to go for a translucent nude colour, as it closely matches my skin colour and looks quite natural but of course it is just personal choice!

Step 4: This is where it starts getting just a little bit harder, but stay with me! Getting your white nail polish, carefully paint on your white tips – I do this by making small upwards strokes towards the top edge of my nail, rather than one horizontal stroke across the top edge of my nail, if that makes sense? I find it much easier to get a good, straight line this way. You may need to do another white coat on your tips to make the white pop, but this will depend on the thickness and opaqueness of your white polish.

Step 5: Don’t worry too much if you do have a wonky line or two, or your nails are looking quite harsh with the white tips – this next step is the perfect cure! Make sure your white tips are dry at this point. Going back to whatever base colour you used (your nude or pink), paint another thin coat over your whole nail, tips included. This step should make the white tips more subtle and mute them slightly, meaning that any wobbly lines are slightly ‘blurred’ and look a lot more professional.

Step 6: Use your favourite glossy top coat to finish off this elegant look, or even a matte top coat if you fancy something different!

Step 7: Stare lovingly at your freshly painted nails, and show them off at every opportunity!

French Mani - Finger

French Mani - Hand

I really hope that this tutorial helps anyone who’s been struggling to get that sought after look! Please let me know if you try this out and if these tips helped you get a sleeker look, or even whether you have a better technique!

Laura x

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