Introductions and A Bit of History

Hi guys!

A post for firsts, I suppose. My first nail-centric blog, my first post on that blog and my first time sharing my nail art efforts with anyone other than Facebook friends!

I am by no means an expert in nail polish or nail art, it’s just something I love to do. In fact, I’m still not very good at it, after years of trying! If you want to know more about why I’m starting this blog, check out my About page.

For my first post, I thought I’d take you through my nail art history in pictures. The oldest of these pictures is only from around March 2013, because that was when I really started getting into the whole nail polish and nail art obsession, rather than just painting my nails block colours whenever it took my fancy. It’s going to be pretty picture-heavy, don’t say I didn’t warn you!


Rainbow Nails 2 Rainbow Nails 1











These first two pictures were of my first adventure into playing with different colours in one manicure – pathetically tame, I know! But seriously, before this, painting my nails had just consisted of doing them all one colour… Boring, but whatever – everyone starts somewhere.


New Barry Ms Nails


Although this second picture is of just a plain block colour mani, it was my first experiment with an ‘effect’ nail polish – these two colours are both shades of the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine brand. Both have thick, full coverage in two coats and the colours are amazingly bright and cheerful.


French Mani - Hand French Mani - Finger



Another really simple one – just a plain French manicure with a nude base. I have some good tips for getting the ‘perfect’ looking French mani without using guides, so look out for that post!


Yellow and Orange Sponge Effect



One of my first experiments with textured colours and nail art techniques – the sponge effect! This is a really simple but fun manicure, and easy for even the most unskilled of beginners! As you can see, it’s quite a messy technique – there is a lot of excess polish over my skin and cuticles there – but that just adds to the fun.


Gold with Black Croc Effect


An easy way to get a great effect on your nails – crackle top coats! This particular one is Barry M Croc Effect, it’s more ‘reptile-scale’-like and I love it! I have a metallic gold polish underneath, and this is seriously the easiest and quickest way to get a sleek, elegant looking manicure!


Pink Ombre Nails

This is just a simple pink gradient – in hindsight, I probably didn’t have enough shades of pink back then to really pull this off, but it doesn’t look terrible! But seriously? I really cringe looking at how bad the paint job is on some of these old pictures!


2013-07-24 18.39.57


Some cheeky chappies! This was my first manicure using a ‘nail art pen’ – Barry M’s Nail Art Pen in Black, to be precise. I was literally just trying it out, doodling a bit, but was really pleased with the result – I was going to a comedy night that day too, so it was the perfect manicure. Again, you can see how messy just the actual nail polish is.


2013-07-29 14.01.09 1

Ahhh! Still love this manicure so much! Leopard/animal print nails are a great nail art style for beginners, it’s really just blobs of colours! I will definitely be doing a walk-through for this mani!


2013-08-02 16.17.45

Um, yeah… This is an example of how you really shouldn’t trust nail-art inspiration pics online. I saw a picture of these really cute watermelon nails on Pinterest and was eager to try them out. It didn’t work. I’ll put it down to experience – I’m almost 100% sure I could do better now! Maybe I’ll have to try again soon…


2013-08-02 21.31.03 2013-08-02 21.29.44


As you can see from these nails, they were pretty much just an experiment as to what kinds of designs I could do with my new nail art pen. I actually love some of these nails and had completely forgotten about them. I can definitely feel some of these designs making a re-appearance soon…


2013-08-09 11.46.44


A bit of a glittery nightmare! I really indulged my glitter loving, Essex-girl side in this manicure. A basic French with a black bow ring-finger accent nail and a glitter topcoat. I definitely won’t be repeating this, but it was fun at the time!


2013-08-17 21.42.19


A bit more of an elegant style – after a broken nail I decided to try a new nail shape out. I usually have square/squoval shaped nails so tried out a more rounded/pointed shape. I actually really like the nude base/black dots style but I think if I tried this again I would use a more opaque nude.

2013-08-20 21.28.52


Another experiment-fail. I had seen a lot of rainbow/blue-sky manicures and tried to emulate them but it didn’t come out quite right. In hindsight, there are a few things I would have changed, the biggest being putting a coat of white underneath the rainbow part so the colours were more bold.


2013-08-24 14.12.36


Polka dots! White on red. This was actually done with a pin head – I stuck a pin into the rubber of a pencil and used that as a dotting tool. It worked quite well, but having purchased dotting tools since, I don’t think I would go back, especially considering how inexpensive they are.


2013-09-25 17.21.58


Newspaper nails – love, love, LOVE these nails. I had seen the tutorials for these and thought it looked really difficult, but it was much easier than expected. I received so many compliments on these! Worth it.

Ok, so that’s pretty much it with the photo-spam for now. I have a few more pictures of more recent manicures, but I’ll be saving those for their own individual posts.

Let me know what you think of my old manicures, which one is your favourite?

Laura x

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